Office Hours: By appointment.

I'm a PhD candidate in applied mathematics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am working under the supervision of G√ľnter Stolz. My research interests include mathematical physics and spectral theory.

My dissertation explores the spectral properties, specifically the existence of spectral and dynamical localization, of two random models of disordered quantum systems, namely the random edge Laplacian and the random mass Laplacian. My research page contains a brief introduction to the random edge Laplacian.

In addition to mathematical research, I also enjoy teaching mathematics. When classes are in session, my Facebook and Twitter pages feature "Math Joke Monday" posts. My approach to teaching mathematics incorporates humor and common, descriptive language into a rigorous treatment of mathematics. I particularly enjoy engaging students who have previously decided that they "don't get" math.

I am currently a senator in the GSA representing the mathematics department. I also serve as an elected member of the budget committee.