Alexander Blokh
Department of Mathematics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama 35294
Fax: (205) 934-9025
Telephone: (205) 934-2154



Ph.D. Mathematics Voronezh University, Voronezh, USSR 1985
M.S. Mathematics Kharkov University , Kharkov, USSR 1980


1992-present Associate Professor UAB
1991-1992 Visiting Professor Wesleyan University
1991 Visiting Professor IMS at SUNY, Stony Brook
1989-1991 Senior Research Scientist All-Union Haematological Scientific Center, Moscow, USSR
1989-1991 Chief Programmer Medsocekonominform, Moscow, USSR
1989-1991 Engineer-programmer Kharkov Polytechincal Institute, Kharkov, USSR


1997-1998 Humboldt Fellow ( Humboldt Foundation)   Erlangen University, Erlangen, Germany
1996-1996 Visiting Professor  Max Planck Institute of Mathematics, Bonn, Germany
1994-1994 Visiting Professor  MSRI, Berkeley


2003-present One of the organizers of UAB Math Talent Search Day (joint with C. Wailes)
2001-2002 Member of the Instructors' Hiring Committee
2001-2002 Co-author of a proposal ``Implementing CAPA Homework System'' (with Drs Saito and Nelson)
2001-2002 Head of Dr M. Griesemer's Tenure Progress Committee
2001-present Director of the Outreach Program
2001-present Organizer of Math-by-Mail Contest (including compiling the contest)
2001-2002 Member of Department Faculty Affairs Committee
2001-2002 Member of NSM Faculty Affairs Committee
2001-2002 Member of Undergraduate Precalculus Committee
2001-2002 Head of Dr N. Simanyi's Tenure Progress Committee
2001-2002 Math Host for the NSM Open House Day
2000-2001 Organizer of ASFA Math Summer Camp
2000-2001 Mentor of a Visiting Professor R. Romanov
2000-2001 Contact person with Prentice Hall
2000-2001 Coordinator of MA 105 Summer Final Exam
2000-2001 Coach of Alabama Math Team
2000-2003 Organizer of UAB Math Club
2000-2003 Organizer of UAB Math School by Correspondence
2000-present Coordinator for the reading room
2000-2001Representative at the Science Fair
2000-2001Representative at the Spring Commencement
2000-2001 Judge at the Aspire Computational Science Fair
2000-2001 Participant in the Applied Mathematics Meeting in Huntsville
2000-2001 Judge at AAMP Research Conference
1999-2000 Supervisor of the group of UAB Math students participating in the regional CBMS meeting at Mercer University
1998-1999 Member of UAB Scholarship Committee
1997-1998 Member of UAB Library Task Force
1998-present Library contact person
1995-1996 Member of UAB Committee on Mathematics and Education
1995 Judge at AJAS Paper Competition

2000 Member of Organizing Committee for AMS Meeting (Birmingham, AL)
2000 Co-organizer of Special Session at AMS Meeting (Birmingham, AL)
1992-present Reviewer for 13 professional journals
1998-1999 NSF reviewer in Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
1994-1995 NSF reviewer in Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory


2003-2004 NSF, DMS-0140349 Supplemental Award 0331034 PI
2002-2005 NSF, DMS-0140349 PI
2002 NSF, DMS-9970363 Supplemental Award 0137390 PI
2000 CRDF, Travel Grant PI
1999-2002 NSF, DMS-9970363 PI
1996-1999 NSF, DMS-9626303 PI
1996 Humboldt Foundation, Research Fellowship PI
1995 UAB, Research Grant PI
1995 NSF/EPSCoR, Travel Grant PI
1994MSRI, Travel Grant PI
1993-1994NSF/EPSCoR, Travel Grant PI
1992-1993NSF/EPSCoR, Travel Grant PI
1992-1993UAB, Research Grant PI
1991IMS at SUNY, Travel GrantPI
1991Max Planck Institute of Mathematics, Travel GrantPI


Dynamical Systems Conference University of North Texas, Denton May 2003
Low-Dimensional Dynamical Systems Conference Topology and Dynamics Year, University of Florida, Gainsville November 2001
Conference on Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory dedicated to the memory of V. M. Alexeyev Katsiveli, UKRAINE August 2000
Conference on Dynamical Systems IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL July 2000
Joint AMS 950th meeting Washington, DC January 2000
AMS 948th meeting University of Texas, Austin October 1999
AMS 940th meeting University of Florida, Gainsville March 1999
AMS 919th meeting University of Memphis, Memphis March 1997
AMS 915th meeting University of Tennessee, Chattanooga October 1996
Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference University of Delaware, Newark October 1996
Workshop on Dynamical Systems Penn State University, State College October, 1995
Conference ``Thirty Years After Sharkovskii's Theorem. New Perspectives'' Murcia, Spain June, 1994
Joint Spring Southeast Topology/Dynamical Systems Conference Auburn University, Auburn March 1994
AMS 879th meeting University of Tennessee, Knoxville March, 1993
Workshop on dynamical systems University of Maryland, College Park March 1993
Symbolic Dynamics and Applications, in honor of R.Adler Yale University, New Haven August 1991
Topological Methods in Mathematics, in honor of J. Milnor SUNY, Stony Brook June 1991
Conference on Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Güstrov, Germany October 1990
Summer School on Dynamical Systems Bratislava, Czechoslovakia July, 1990
Summer School on Dynamical Systems Bratislava, Czechoslovakia July, 1989


Dynamical Systems Seminar SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook March 1999
Colloquium Rice University, Houston October 1998
Seminar on Ergodic Theory University ``Tora vergata'', Rome, Italy May 1998
Topology Seminar Free University, Amsterdam, Holland April 1998
Seminar on Statistics Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany March 1998
Colloquium Institute of Mathematics, Vienna, Austria February 1998
Dynamics and Ergodic Theory Seminar Erlangen University, Erlangen, Germany February 1998; October, 1997
Seminar on Analysis UC at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara April 1994
Seminar on Dynamical Systems UC at Los Angeles, Los Angeles April 1994
Seminar on Dynamical Systems UC at Berkeley, Berekeley March 1994
Area III Seminar MSRI, Berkeley February 1994
Dynamical Systems Seminar Cornell University, Ithaka November 1993
Dynamical Systems Seminar SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook October 1993
Dynamics and Geometry Seminar CUNY Graduate Center, New York November 1993
Dynamical Systems Seminar BU, Boston February 1992
Dynamical Systems Seminar University of Florida, Gainsville March 1992
Joint Math Seminar MPI für Mathematik, Bonn, Germany March 1991

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