Louis Dale
Department of Mathematics
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama 35294 -1170
E-mail: ldale@uab.edu
Fax: (205) 934-1650
Telephone: (205) 934-8762

List of Publications

  1. Ideal theory in the semiring Z+, Publ. Math (Debrecen) 22(1975), 219-224, (with Paul Allen).
  2. Monic and monic free ideals in a polynomial semiring, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 56(1976), 45-50.
  3. Monic and monic free ideals in a polynomial semiring in several variables, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 61(1976), 209-216.
  4. Ideal theory in polynomial semirings, Publ. Math (Debrecen) 23 ( 1976), 183-190 (with Paul Allen).
  5. The k-closure of monic and monic free ideals in a polynomial semiring, Proc.Amer.Math.Soc. 64(1977), 219-226.
  6. The structure of ideals in a Euclidean semiring, Kyungpook Math Journal, 17(1977), 21-29 (with Dorothy Hanson).
  7. Direct sums of semirings and the Krull-Schmidt theorem, Kyungpook Math Journal, 17-2(1977), 135-141.
  8. Euclidean and Gaussian semirings, Kyungpook Math Journal, 18(1978)17-22 (with J.D. Pitts).
  9. Ideal types in a polynomial halfring, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 75 (1979), 189-195.
  10. Generalized ascending chains with an application to Hilbert's theorem, Journal of Nat. Sci. and Math. (Lahore),19(1979),231-238.
  11. The structure of ideals in the semiring of n x n matrices over a Euclidean semiring, Kyungpook Math Journal, 19(1979), 215-222.
  12. Solvable operator semigroups with an application to short exact sequences, Kyungpook Math Journal, 19(1979), 223-230.
  13. An extension of the Hilbert basis theorem, Publ. Math. (Debrecen),27(1980), 31-34 (with Paul Allen).
  14. A note on the structure of ideals in a Euclidean semiring, Kyungpook Math Journal, 20(1980), 279-80.
  15. Standard halfrings and standard ideals, Kyungpook Math Journal, 21(1981), 218-288.
  16. The structure of monic ideals in a noncommutative polynomial semiring, Acta.Math.Acad.Sci. Hungar. 39(1982), 163-168.
  17. Extending certain semiring homomorphisms to ring homomorphisms, Kyungpook Math Journal, 23(1983), 13-18.
  18. Generalized ascending chains an dformal power series rings, Kyungpook Math Journal, 23(1983), 189-192.
  19. Monic free ideals in a nomcummutative polynomial semiring, Journal of the Indian Math. Soc.,47(1983),31-34.


  1. Planning, Presenting and Evaluating Workshops: A Guidebook, Pine Creast Enterprises, 1991 (with M. Carolyn Braswell, Jan O. Case, Thomas L. Alexander).
  2. Mentoring and Peer Coaching for Teachers, Pine Creast Enterprises, 1994 (with M. Carolyn Braswell).

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