Notes and Talks:
Caveat lector (reader beware) no claims of accuracy or importance are made!

Two talks on the de Finetti Theorem: ; , def2.pdf
Early talk on the XXZ model:
Talk on FOEL related to symmetric exclusion process: , ssep.pdf
Talk on the "extended variational principle" for the SK model:
Talk on Kingman partition structures and  Derrida REM:  QCM.pdf
A Talk on Bethe ansatz and Droplet Energies: M05.pdf
A Talk on "Quantum Spin Systems at T>0": RioTalk.pdf
A different talk/perspective on "QSS at T>0": BLTalk07-01-24.pdf
Talk on a ``Thinning'' analogue of de Finetti's theorem: tdtalk-07-01-09.pdf
Talk on a ``Low energy, long wavelength states for the Heisenberg model'' UABtalk2012-08-24.pdf

Poster for Ferromagnetic Ordering of Energy Levels: Lisbon.pdf
A Poster for QSS at T>0: Rio.pdf

(Incomplete) notes from a class on the SK model: Lec1.pdf , Lec2.pdf , Lec3.pdf
(More incomplete) revision of these notes: lec1rev.pdf , lec2rev.pdf
Archived website for more complete, but more pedantic class notes: SG/index.html