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Probability and statistics play an important role in mathematics and physics, especially in dynamical systems (studies of chaos), statistical mechanics (theory of gases, fluids, electricity, etc.) and quantum mechanics. They are also vital in other natural sciences, as a tool for modeling of natural phenomena and experimental data processing. Probability and statistics are indispensable in actuarial sciences, banking and finance, and econometrics. They are widely used in the modern technological world virtually everywhere - biology, medicine, agriculture, political sciences, etc. Their role increases nowadays as vast amounts of data are being stored on computers and the need grows to efficiently process and skillfully analyze those databases. Statisticians and actuaries are consistently ranked at the top of the list of the best professions in the US during the last 5-10 years (see more).

   P r o b a b i l i t y     c o u r s e s   
   S t a t i s t i c s     c o u r s e s   

MA 485/585 Probability
MA 486/586 Statistics

The above two are upper level undergraduate courses, if taken on the 400 level. They are geared towards undergraduate students of all majors who are familiar with basic calculus (derivatives and integrals of functions of one variable). These are not overly technical and abstract math courses. The material is presented in an intuitive way with plenty of practical examples. Students majoring in sciences and engineering often do better in these courses than students majoring in mathematics smiles....

If taken on the 500 level, each of the above two courses counts as a graduate one. The 500 level courses do involve certain extra assignments that may require more serious calculus (including occasional double integrals) and logical reasonings to substantiate and justify final conclusions. Still the logical reasonings can be based on common sense and intuition. These courses do not require technical skills of mathematical proofs that graduate students learn in Advanced Calculus.

The next two courses, Advanced Probability and Advanced Statistics, are geared toward graduate students, though they can be taken by undergraduate students with permission of instructor. These advanced courses complement the above two basic courses in many ways. They cover topics left out in the basic courses, in particular those that require multivariate calculus and matrix algebra. The material is presented in a more formal and comprehensive manner to provide a solid theoretical basis in the disciplines of probability and statistics. The goals are to prepare students for the actuarial exams and professional career.

MA 587/687 Advanced Probability
MA 592/692 Advanced Statistics
Other internet resources (actuarial practice tests, on-line calculators, etc.) to be added later
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While our courses in probability and statistics are upper level math courses, they are designed to serve students with broad backgrounds. Full time students in sciences, engineering, education, public health, and other fields are always very welcome. Working professionals may further hone their probability and statistics skills by taking our courses.

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